Surveying the Land

Caledon Mayfair Paine Estate

Journal Entry

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I began today to take inventory of the land I had received, to see what assets and possibilities it has. It seems a nice enough spot, sitting on the ocean with the sound of the waves crashing along the shore. The Caledon Mayfair train line ends at the property, making it simple to board the train and head throughout Caledon at a moment’s notice.

Beyond the land itself, I am now in possession of a small cottage next to the water, which trembles with the passing of each train; a few meager furnishings therein; a rather dilapidated old house; and a quite charming Black Labrador with a quite unusual dog tag whose name appears to be Archimedes.

Over the course of the next week, I will finish a thorough survey of the land and make preparations to hire an architect to renovate the original estate house.  I will also take some time to acquaint myself with the land and its inhabitants.


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Arrival in Caledon

Journal Entry

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This week, I arrived home in Caledon aboard the steamer Alecto, after untold ages abroad. While my experiences in the mainland continent had left me rather jaded of the excesses and general rudeness of the inhabitants, I would most likely have remained had it not been for the news of the passing of my uncle, and the land and wealth he had left behind in my name.

Shortly after my arrival, I was greeted by the Governor, the Honorable Desmond Shang. After the customary pleasantries, he took the time to show me around my new land and walk me through the necessary tasks of maintenance and payment of taxes.

I was careful not to show my shock upon arrival. After receiving the sum of my financial inheritance, I had expected to find a house of grandeur and distinction on the shore of the fair isle. My surprise upon finding a weed-covered lot, a ruined old building, and a tiny cottage next to a train track was palpable. Nonetheless, I braced myself and began the slow and arduous process of restoration.

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