Caledon Tanglewood

Over the past few weeks, Tanglewood has developed from a pristine forest into a neighborhood with its own unique character. This community is nestled in the shade of enormous trees, with its own kind of neo-victorian style. Several unusual creatures have been spotted with familiar sounding names, as some Caledonians adopt a “double life” of sorts and commune just as easily with the furry and fey denizens of the forest as they do with the “proper” ladies and gentlemen of the Caledon social circuit.

A photo taken by airship, showing the sim as a whole. The majority of the houses remain below the canopy of massive ancient growth trees, with the occasional tree house in sight.

A few of the local inhabitants.

Kind of a Narnia-esque feel, with a lampost in the middle of a forest.

The art gallery of 713 Ayres.

I will keep an eye on Tanglewood and keep you informed of new developments as they occur.

In the meantime, development on the new sim– Steam city– is moving along. The sim lot plan can be seen at the Guv’nah’s Mansion in Victoria City. I managed to locate the sim where the main structures are being assembled, and saw some incredible sights, including a floating city and an airship (a war dreadnought, by the looks of it) a full sim in length. Hopefully I will be able to provide a report soon.

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Chance Takashi’s Home

I found this through the New World Notes blog today. I have been to the upstairs part, including the Jovian Terrarium, but I had no idea what existed under the ruins. Absolutely stunning.

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