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I am a resident of Caledon, A Victorian Steampunk-themed island in the virtual world of Second Life. This blog focuses on my experiences there, as well as current events and products related to Caledonian life.

Second Life, or SL, is a virtual 3-D world created by Linden Lab with over 4 million residents as of March 2007. It consists of a series of islands and continents filled with content created by users. You can find anything in SL from vampires and Gorean slave traders to shopping malls, nightclubs, dragons and cartoon characters. It is a dichotomy of sprawling amateur builds and incredibly talented masterpieces, of clunky corporate projects and elegant pet projects. It is a laissez-faire place where anything can, and will, occur or exist.

Caledon is a small island nation in the western sea of the SL continuum, known as “The Grid.” While the mainland is known for being wild and woolly, and private island estates can be, well, anything, Caledon is an oasis of genteel manners and tasteful architecture. Due to the literary genres that inspired its creation, the residents tend to be well-educated and highly read. Manners and etiquette are the norm, and the citizens are renowned for their wit and passion for their adopted homeland.

After a month of exploring Second Life, I came across Caledon and immediately knew I had found home. With time and effort, I was able to become a resident there– the waiting list is substantial. I now own a plot of my own in the Mayfair sim and I am in the process of establishing my life there.

While setting up home, buying a house, and finding adequate clothing, I realized that there was a dearth of information on where to get products in Second life to live a proper Victorian existence. Most things seem to be found by wandering around or by word of mouth. Therefore I decided to start this blog, to share my experiences and to provide resources for people who choose to enjoy and explore Caledon.


If you have an event or a product that you would like to see mentioned on this blog, by all means contact me in world or at Madison.Paine at gmail.com. If you wish to send me a product for review, please send it inworld along with a notecard explaining any pertinent details.

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    • If you want to influence the President with your article, perhaps it should be in English.

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