Amy Weber Featured at Caledon Gallery of Art

Amy Weber (713 Ayres in Second Life) is the featured artist this month at the Caledon Gallery of Art, showcasing many pieces created specifically for the Caledon exposition. I stopped by the opening party this Saturday briefly before being lagged to death then dragged back to Real Life by family concerns, but I was there long enough to appreciate the artwork as well as the impressive turnout. Prints are available for sale in SL for Lindens, and the originals are available for sale out in the real world.

From the Artist’s card accompanying the artwork:

ABOUT THE WORK OVERALL: I attempt to make art that has some value in this world beyond a monetary one-to make art that does something about the current problems/issues in the world. If all else fails I like to make work that illustrates the beauty and simplicity of a centered connection with that which is eternal. My miniature paintings are a sort of representation of my internal being/soul/mythos. In a world that seems chaotic and unstable these tiny paintings almost create themselves. Painting them for me, is meditative and spiritual-connecting me to that which is timeless and constant. The mushrooms and houses are symbolic of humanity or consciousness. The space between the objects in the paintings is as important as the objects themselves. The space represents the interconnectedness of all things. If there are absolute or universal images the home seems to resonate powerfully-a perfect representation for our soul.

Miss Weber’s work will be featured all this month. More information can be found at her blog, orion713art, or at her permanent inworld galleries (which I will post as soon as I get WordPress to accept a SLUrl… sheesh).

And I picked up a copy of the clockwork Rhino, by the way.

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  1. Wow thanks for writing the article! 🙂

  2. My pleasure, I enjoyed the exhibit.

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